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Fresh from the Field Newsletter – July

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Y’all, there’s only a month-and-a-half left!

Sales of our 2019 Vidalia® Sweet Onions Crop is available through Labor Day

Don’t miss your chance to stock up on these seasonal gems – they’re movin’ fast!

At this point in the season, and to ensure maximum sweetness, we have moved our harvest into our controlled-atmosphere storage rooms. Bland made fresh preservation technology a priority, and now has the largest controlled-environment storage capacity in the industry. These rooms extend the availability of Vidalia® sweet onions from two months to four months.

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California Sweets are Here!

California sweet onions are now available through August and are an excellent option for both east and west coast customers.

Our California sweets are our renowned Granex variety with a thick, flattened bulb loaded with a deliciously mild and sweet flavor.

These sweet onions are grown and shipped in a variety of bulk packaging options out of Bakersfield, California. All product is packed under the Bland Farms “Premium Sweet” label and is available in 40# boxes, and consumer packs (2#, 3#, 5#). Reds and yellows are also available (40# boxes, and 25# and 50# bags).

Order today! CONTACT US • 912.654.7127

Displays on Display!

We love seeing our Bland Farm’s merchandiser bins on display in retailers around the country.

This issue’s “Display of the Day” comes to us from:

Safeway #700
Santa Clara, CA.

Bland Farms Leading Georgia’s Signature Crop

Bland Farms is one of the largest producers of the Vidalia® crop annually, and are known as leaders and innovative farmers. With Bland Farms, you are partnering with the industry leader with over 70 years of farming experience.

  • With 62% of sweet onion sales coming from Vidalia® onions, our team of experts including a full-time agronomist, growers, packers, shippers and in-house marketing specialist becomes an extension of your team
  • Number one priority is food safety from seed to shelf
  • Family owned and operated with no middle man

Get ready for Back to School!

Did you know that Back to School (B2S) is the second largest retail season after only the holidays?

Parents will be looking for both healthy and convenient items to pack in lunch boxes and snack bags.

Vidalia Brands® Sweet Onion Petal Snacks are made using real Vidalia onions that are baked into a healthy snack delivering the true, sweet flavor of a Vidalia onion you crave all year. Our Sweet Onion Petals come in a variety of flavors that even satisfy the pickiest of eaters. They are baked, not fried, with zero grams trans fat. Compared to other snack options, our petals are lower in calories, sodium, and sugar. Bonus, every bag is gluten-free and kosher, making them the perfect back-to-school snack!

Fun Fact: About two-thirds of shoppers (62%) plan to begin their back-to-school shopping before August.* So, hurry, and get your Vidalia Brands® snack merchandisers today to receive a 10% back-to-school discount.

*Source: 2018 Back-to-School Survey, Deloitte.


Smaller Sizes, Bigger Sales

Bland Farms continues to see the success of their Lil’ O’s™, a line of premium mini sweet onions.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to merchandise this innovative product and leverage a display that maximizes impulse purchases. Our latest bag label, DRC Box (18 2# bags) and stand-alone shipper feature fresh, bold designs with the Lil’ O’s messaging “Small Sweet Size, Big Sweet Flavor.”

For more information or to order the Lil’ O’s™ display today contact: • 912.654.7127

Rooted in Tradition. Raised to be Sweet

Our new tagline Rooted in Tradition. Raised to be Sweet™ highlights key brand messages that are sure to resonate with shoppers.

For 70 years, our roots have been in traditional farming methods, but we continue to innovate and evolve to remain the leading producer of America’s favorite sweet onions. As retailers, you know our ‘Roots to Retail’ promise, but we wanted to craft a memorable brand message that better connects directly with your shoppers.

Contact Jeff, Sandra or your Bland Farms /Vidalia Brands representative for more information or to place your order at 800-VIDALIA (800-843-2542).