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Delbert Bland, President and Owner of Bland Farms, Discusses the Vidalia Onion Market

Article by AndNowUKnow

GLENNVILLE, GA – As the Vidalia onion fresh season winds down in Georgia, Delbert Bland, President and Owner of Bland Farms, took the time to tell me about how product and demand have been looking in previous weeks, as well as a bit of what we can expect in the days to come.

“We’ve had a little bit of rain, nothing out of the ordinary, and a fairly decent harvest season,” Delbert explains, adding that Mother Nature has been good to the region this season as far as the usual heat challenges she would bring. “It’s not too hot right now, which is usually a problem right now. That hasn’t been the case this year so it’s been very good for us.”

Demand during the fresh season has been good as well, with Vidalias being grown in specific areas making for a good ratio of supply versus need.

“We’re experiencing a lot of demand because, as things get fresher, we don’t have a lot of areas that compete,” Delbert says, adding that the market is looking steady, but will likely spike as the season moves into storage crops today, June 1st.

“The market is doing fair, it will go up a bit because the charge will go up a bit more due to the cost coming out of storage.”

Delbert still anticipates volumes to stay fair during the storage season, however, adding, “Fresh onions are looking good so it should make for a smooth transition into storage. Overall it’s been a good season.”

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