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Delbert Bland Discusses Bland Farms’ Peruvian Sweet Onions and This Week’s Sweet Potato Harvest

Article by AndNowUKnow

GLENNVILLE, GA – Temperatures are beginning to cool and we’re entering the last stretch of 2016, where root vegetables like onions and sweet potatoes will start taking center stage on menus. AndNowUKnow connected with industry expert Delbert Bland, President and Owner of Bland Farms, to reflect on the sweet onion season and forecast what is to come.

“We’ve been blessed. The Vidalia onions have been good this year, and I went down to Peru recently to take a look at the upcoming onion crop to find that it is excellent. Overall, crop has been fantastic,” said Delbert, adding, “The demand is just right. People naturally love Vidalia onions, and what makes the Peruvian onion so great is that it comes from the same seed variety, just grown in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Bland Farms does all of its own growing in Peru, with Georgia personnel doing regular site visits to check in on quality. However, Delbert explains, because the region isn’t too rainy and has consistent weather, the seasons are much more predictable.

“Demand for both sweet potatoes and sweet onions is excellent. Demand continues to trend upwards due to their versatility and nutritional values,” said Jeff Rhoden, Senior Sales Manager at Bland Farms.

Bland Farms is launching into its third year of sweet potato production, slated to harvest the first week of September.

Sweet potatoes have been coming from storage since the 2015 harvest, so the fresh crop will be a welcome addition to the Bland Farms lineup of products.