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Bland Farms’ Sandra Bland Discusses Vidalia Brands’ New Snack Flavors and Promotions for 2016

Article by AndNowUKnow

CATO, NY – With the 2016 Vidalia onion pack date of April 25th just around the corner, Bland Farms is introducing a few new items, under the Vidalia Brands label, to its product mix as we look to the spring. Vidalia Brands is a sister company to Bland and produces snacks, condiments, seasonings, salsas, dressings, and more. This year Bland Farms has added Sour Cream and Onion Petals to its existing line of sweet onion and sweet potato flavored snack chips.

“We believe these are sure to be a huge hit. Bland will also be offering a completely new 48-count display shipper, the Spring Assortment Shipper, which will include 12 bags of Sour Cream & Onion Petals, 24 bags of original Sweet Onion Petals, and 12 bags of Zesty Ranch Sweet Onion Petals,” Sandra Bland, President of Vidalia Brands, tells me.

These 48-count display ready shippers provide a convenient way for retailers to introduce consumers to the new Sour Cream and Onion Petals, and can be merchandised in the fresh produce section. The 48-count shipper packed only with Sour Cream and Onion Petals can also be purchased on its own, or any of Bland’s other chip varieties as well.

In addition, the company’s Vidalia Brands condiment line remains a big hit.

“All of the condiments feature Vidalia Sweet Onions in their list of ingredients. They’re great for people who relish the flavors of Vidalia sweet onions all throughout the year,” Sandra adds.

All of the Vidalia Brands snack chips are baked, not fried. They are also gluten free, rich in flavor and can work nicely as ingredients in an array of recipes.

“Just last week we spoke with a woman who said she had used crushed Sweet Onion Petals on top of her green bean casserole instead of fried onions. Another use for these snacks is a salad topper,” Sandra says. “They’re so flavorful, they would be a perfect substitute for a crouton.”

Along with every 48-count shipper (any flavor or combination), the offerings will feature a coupon tear pad which will allow consumers to receive $1.00 off of their purchase on a bag of Bland Farms Vidalia Sweet Onions with the purchase of a bag of Vidalia Brands snack chips. Cross-promotional coupons are also available on Vidalia Brands condiments and variety shippers. Customers will receive $1.00 off their purchase of any variety of Vidalia Brands condiments, salsas, or seasonings with the purchase of a bag of a bag of Vidalia Brands snacks.

“We’re aware that people are becoming more health conscious so our goal is to give customers a healthier snacking option, which we believe we’ve done with all of our chips,” she adds. “Sweet onions and sweet potatoes in particular are both rich in health benefits and have become popular fresh produce items so snack options that incorporate these two items are in high demand with shoppers.”

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