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Vidalia Brands

WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Boston, recently aired its popular Phantom Gourmet segment and this time onion-flavored snack chips were on the chopping block.

In the segment, Phantom Gourmet reviewed the most popular onion-flavored chip snacks to determine which brand actually delivers most on taste and the resu

lts were not surprising, to us at Vidalia Brands at least. In a field of contenders that consisted ofFunyuns by Frito Lay, Onion Rings by Wise, and Utz Onion Rings, Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals were named the tastiest of the bunch. See for yourself in the video below!

If you’d like to receive more information about our popular Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals, please contact us by clicking here or giving us a call at 1.800.VIDALIA.

Purchase Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals and Sweet Potato Fries

Vidalia Brands Sweet Onions Petals and Sweet Potato Fries have been a huge hit with consumers nationwide. We’ve received a great deal of interest from people asking if there is a place from which they can purchase these two items online. We are proud to announce today that they are in fact available for sale online To be directed to Vidalia Brands’ page, click here –> Vidalia Brands Products at

Introducing Vidalia Brands™ Sweet Potato Fries

SweetPotatoFriesBag Vidalia Brands, a Bland Farms company, is proud to announce an exciting new addition to its line of condiments, seasonings, dressings, and snackfoods that is both unique and delicious. We are proud to introduce to you, Vidalia Brands™ Sweet Potato Fries. This delicious snack is baked, not fried, is certified gluten-free and kosher, and is made with real sweet potatoes. Sweet Potato Fries contain 0g Trans Fat and only 120 calories per serving. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin A. Did you know that Sweet Potato snacks are outpacing the salted snack category with over 1279% growth? Give your customers what they want. Vidalia Brands Sweet Potato Fries are packaged in 3.5oz bags and come display ready in either a 12ct knock-out high-graphic box or a 48ct displayable shipper. For more information please call 1.800.VIDALIA or contact us here.
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