How the Onions Get Made

Full Article by The Weekly Standard

I bought a bag of onions over the weekend and thought the name of the farm, Bland Farms, was a joke. After all, onions aren’t bland! I logged on to the webpage of the farms and, sure enough, it’s a family farm! On their webpage, the farm has a slickly produced video explaining their history and how they produce onions. It only has 150 views, which is criminal, given how interesting the content is. If you ever care how your food gets to your table (even if it’s a $2 bag of onions) this is the video for you.

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Bland Farms’ Sandra Bland Discusses Vidalia Brands’ New Snack Flavors and Promotions for 2016

Article by AndNowUKnow

CATO, NY – With the 2016 Vidalia onion pack date of April 25th just around the corner, Bland Farms is introducing a few new items, under the Vidalia Brands label, to its product mix as we look to the spring. Vidalia Brands is a sister company to Bland and produces snacks, condiments, seasonings, salsas, dressings, and more. This year Bland Farms has added Sour Cream and Onion Petals to its existing line of sweet onion and sweet potato flavored snack chips.

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