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How to Cut an Onion

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly cut an onion then we’ve got you covered here. If you’ve found your way to our site, then it’s probably because you’re already a pretty regular user of onions so there’s no reason not to brush up on those onion slicing skills. It’s easy and is also one of the most common tasks you’ll encounter in cooking because, as you know, onions are a great way to add flavor without the fat to almost any dish. Grab your knife and let’s get started.

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Step One Cut off the top/stem of the onion. Peel off the outer layers of skin. Dispose of skin and trim root end if necessary. Make sure not to contaminate the cutting surface and cleanthe knife before proceeding.             Step Two To dice, cut the whole peeled onion in half, from root end to stem end.             Step Three Lay each half cut side down on cutting board. Make multiple, evenly spaced cuts from root end to stem end of onion, being careful not to cut through the root end. Adjust the space between each cut to obtain the desired dice size. Step Four Hold the onion together and make horizontal cuts parallel to the cutting surface.  Again, be sure to leave the root end intact. Step Five Make multiple cuts across the onion, adjusting the number of slices of desired dice size. Dispose of hard root end. Separate onion pieces. Add to recipe for layers of flavor. [hr toptext=”” size=”superTiny” custom_size=”” hide_mobile_hr=”true”]


For slices or wedges, cut whole peeled onion in half from stem end to root end.  Make evenly spaced cuts along the grain.

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Onion Rings

For onion rings, place a whle peeled onion on its side and slice crosswise every 1/4 to 1/2-inch.  Separate each slice into individual rings.  Save the centers to dice for use in other recipes.

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