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Handling and Storage Tips

People often email us asking for tips on the storage and handling of sweet onions. Sweet onions are unique in comparison to traditional storage onions because they have a much higher water content. As a result, you have to handle them more gently and with a bit more care.

Storage & Handling Tips for Dry Sweet Onions 

  • Always handle onions with care. Do not drop onions as this often causes bruising and internal decay.
  • Bagged or boxed onions should be stored at least one foot away from walls and other pallets to allow proper air movement.
  • Keep stacks of bags or boxes at five feet or less.
  • Store onions in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Maintain storage temperature of 45-55°F.
  • Do not wrap onions in plastic or store in plastic bags. A lack of air circulation will reduce shelf life.
  • Onions should feel firm and dry, be free of gray or black mold, and should not have any visible sprouting. Some loose skins are normal.
  • Do not store onions with potatoes or other produce items that release moisture.
  • Onions will absorb odors produced by apples and pears.
  • Keep onions out of direct sunlight and other heat sources.
  • Cut onions will keep for several days if sealed in plastic bags or containers and refrigerated.
For a printable copy of these tips in PDF format click here: Storage and Handling Tips    

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