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Markets aside, great Vidalia season starts with a great crop for Bland FarmsA month ago, Delbert Bland of Bland Farms LLC in Glennville, GA, wondered if what was looking like an excellent Vidalia onion crop would find a hospitable market when it arrived in mid-April. With a winter glut of sweet onions and more on the way from Mexico and Texas, Bland had no idea how the m…
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Court Dismisses Complaint; Rules Injunctive Relief Already Obtained by Bland Farms Bland Farms Will Ship USDA #1 Graded Vidalia Sweet Onions Immediately

GLENNVILLE, GA. (Apr. 15, 2014) – Judge D. Jay Stewart of the Superior Court of Tattnall County, Georgia, today dismissed Bland Farms request for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief. Judge Stewart ruled that Bland Farms had already obtained an order on March 19, 2014 from the Superior Court of Fulton County (the “Fulton County Order”) declaring the new packing rule “void and unenforceable” as well as an injunction barring the Commissioner of Agriculture from taking any enforcement action under such rule. Commissioner Black has publicly stated that the Fulton County Order did not grant injunctive relief to Bland Farms and that he intended to enforce the new packing date rule. Judge Stewart’s ruling makes it clear that the Fulton County Order declared the packing rule void and unenforceable and prohibits the Commissioner from enforcing the new packing date rule. As such, all registered growers, including Bland Farms, may immediately pack and ship Vidalia sweet onions that meet USDA #1 grade. About Bland Farms Headquartered in Glennville, Georgia, Bland Farms is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of the world famous Vidalia® sweet onion and is a supplier of sweet onions year-round. Visit for more information.

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WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Boston, recently aired its popular Phantom Gourmet segment and this time onion-flavored snack chips were on the chopping block.

In the segment, Phantom Gourmet reviewed the most popular onion-flavored chip snacks to determine which brand actually delivers most on taste and the resu

lts were not surprising, to us at Vidalia Brands at least. In a field of contenders that consisted ofFunyuns by Frito Lay, Onion Rings by Wise, and Utz Onion Rings, Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals were named the tastiest of the bunch. See for yourself in the video below!

If you’d like to receive more information about our popular Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals, please contact us by clicking here or giving us a call at 1.800.VIDALIA.

Court Invalidates New Rules on Vidalia Sweet Onion Ship Date
Bland Farms to Ship Vidalia Sweet Onions on Traditional Timetable
GLENNVILLE, GA. (Mar. 19, 2014) – On March 19, 2014, Judge Cynthia D. Wright of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit of the Superior Court of Fulton County ruled in favor of Bland Farms’ challenge of the legality of the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s mandatory uniform start date for the shipping of Vidalia Sweet Onions. As a result of the ruling, Bland Farms and other licensed Vidalia Sweet Onion growers will be able to continue shipping Vidalia Sweet Onions on their traditional timetable. Owner and President of Bland Farms, Delbert Bland, is pleased with the decision and feels that a mandate isn’t the best way to determine when the famous sweet onion is ready for shipment, “Mother Nature will decide when our Vidalia Sweet Onions are ready to ship, not an arbitrary date on the calendar. I’m glad that we’ll be able to ship our onions on the normal timetable and our customers can expect that.” Bland says he is pleased with the way this year’s Vidalia Sweet Onion crop is shaping up. “It looks great and I feel good about it. The quality looks like it could be excellent and it appears that we are going to have promotable quantities available.” Customers can expect Vidalia Sweet Onions to be available around the same time this year as in years past, but there remains the possibility that onions could potentially be available by Easter.​
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Bland Farms is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of sweet onions year-round.

GLENNVILLE, GA. (Feb. 14, 2014) – Bland Farms is pleased to announce the promotion of Troy Bland to the position of Director of Operations. Bland assumes the role, which has been vacant for the last year, from his formerly held position of Director of Quality Control and Procurement. A critical position for large growers like Bland Farms, the Director of Operations role greatly expands Bland’s areas of responsibility. Having overseen all aspects of the company’s operations for more than a year now, Bland’s promotion to Director of Operations is a natural progression for him. He has grown up on the farm and taken great interest in the family business over the years, which has naturally groomed him for his new role. Bryce Edmonson, Bland Farms’ Chief Executive Officer, feels Bland is more than ready to handle the responsibility that comes with such a critical position at the company: “Troy has grown up in the business and has developed a deep understanding of all aspects of the company’s operations. We welcome his promotion to Director of Operations and look forward to his continued contributions to the company.” As a grower with operations located in both the US and abroad, the appointment of a Director of Operations fills an important role for Bland Farms. About Bland Farms Headquartered in Glennville, Georgia, Bland Farms is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of the world famous Vidalia® sweet onion and is a supplier of sweet onions year-round. Visit for more information. For more information please contact: Greg Smith, Marketing Communications Manager  

Bland Farms to Unveil Latest Addition to Product Line at Southern Exposure

Sweet Onion Giant Views SEPC Southern Exposure as Ideal Showcase for New Products

GLENNVILLE, GA. (Jan. 15, 2014) – Long recognized as the sweet onion category leader, Bland Farms plans to turn heads at Southeast Produce Council’s annual Southern Exposure with the release of its newest fresh produce product offering for 2014, sweet potatoes. To date, Bland Farms has been strictly a grower, packer, and shipper of sweet onions and sweet onion products, but plans to offer a sweet potato program to customers in 2014, viewing Southern Exposure as the perfect setting from which to share the news. The relaxed atmosphere of the show and the number of buyers present makes Southern Exposure a can’t miss says Marketing Director Sarah Seebran, “Southern Exposure is one of the best in our opinion because it’s a smaller, more intimate show and buyers seem to show up. The people you need and want to see are always there and they really enjoy the show, which is one of the main reasons why we we decided it was the perfect place to showcase our sweet potato plans”. In addition to sweet potatoes, at Southern Exposure Bland Farms will highlight its 2014 sweet onion options including the Vidalia® sweet onion for which the Bland name is synonymous. Sister company Vidalia Brands will also be releasing two new sweet onion condiments, Sweet Onion Hibachi White Sauce and Sweet Onion Caesar Dressing along with two all-new salty snack items, Vidalia® Sweet Onion Kettle Chips and Barbecue Sweet Onion Kettle Chips. All will be on hand at Southern Exposure for sampling.

Purchase Vidalia Brands Sweet Onion Petals and Sweet Potato Fries

Vidalia Brands Sweet Onions Petals and Sweet Potato Fries have been a huge hit with consumers nationwide. We’ve received a great deal of interest from people asking if there is a place from which they can purchase these two items online. We are proud to announce today that they are in fact available for sale online To be directed to Vidalia Brands’ page, click here –> Vidalia Brands Products at

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